Nippon Matex Maxi White 15245 White 18L
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Nippon Super Matex Maxi White 15245 is a special formulated emulsion paint for interior wall and ceiling. It provides a durable and attractive smooth finish on walls, asbestos, hard and soft boards. Super Matex Maxi White 15245 is easy to apply, washable and fungus resistant.

Surface Preparation

Remove all loose, defective paint or powdery residue. Repair cracks, uneven surfaces with suitable fillers. Smoothen the putty/filler areas with sandpaper. Surfaces to be painted must be cleaned thoroughly and dry, it must be free from dirt, grease and other foreign matter. Allow all surfaces to dry completely prior to painting. Avoid painting when the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls are still high.

Previous Painted Surfaces

Remove all unstable paint films, loose chalk, dust and foreign matter. Make good any surface defects, clean off and dry. Recommended to prime with Nippon Vinilex 5400 Wall Sealer. For plaster ceiling and skim-coat surface, please use Nippon Hi-Bond Wall Sealer.

Application Data
Drying Time Touch Dry : 15 minutes (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
Recoating Interval: 1 - 2 hours
Theoretical Coverage: 10 - 13m² per liter per coat (Dependent on substrate condition )
No. of coats: Minimum 2 - 3 coats


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